OptimizePress VS ClickFunnels

How does OptimizePress stack up or compare to ClickFunnels?

We get that question all the time from people who have either used OptimizePress for years or who find us online through search.  We’ve been using OptimizePress since day 1 and we’ve been using ClickFunnels since day 1 as well so we have extensive experience using both platforms and in this post I’m going to share why I prefer ClickFunnels these days rather than OptimizePress, but you’re more than welcome to use OptimizePress to power your website.

Here’s a screenshot of how ClickFunnels stacks up against OptimizePress:


Here’s some of the big things that you can’t do with OptimizePress but you CAN do with ClickFunnels.  In our experience, these are really really important things when considering which platform to use to power your website and funnels online.

#1: A/B Split Testing – ClickFunnels CAN do A/B split testing, but OptimizePress really can’t within the platform.  This is HUGE because in the game of online marketing you must always be testing.

#2: One Click Upsells – again ClickFunnels CAN do one-click upsells but OptimizePress can NOT do them.  Primarily because OP doesn’t connect with your shopping cart so there’s really no way to do it within OptimizePress but with ClickFunnels you can easily do “one click upsells” and increase how much money is generated per sale.  Adding one click upsells could be the difference between profitable or not-profitable.

#3: Automated Webinar Funnels – optimizepress can’t do these, but ClickFunnels again CAN.  OP will allow you to have pages, but when it comes to the advanced functionality of automated webinars, OP is just behind the 8-ball on that.

and as you can see in the graphic there’s a bunch of other things that OptimizePress can’t do while ClickFunnels can do.  I would recommend just getting a 14-day (2 week) FREE trial with ClickFunnels.  Play with it and see how easy it is to use to run all of your funnels through.  We’ve shifted our entire business to primarily use ClickFunnels because of how streamlined everything is.  Everything is in ONE PLACE rather than being ducktaped together and all over the board.  That’s what we experienced before when we had to use OptimizePress and it was really because there was no other solution in the market at that time.

To your success and abundance,

Bryan Dulaney

Founder, Perfect Funnel System

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